So, I turned vegetarian (or something like it)

I must say it isn’t very easy. If you pay close attention to ingredients in our food today almost everything contains animal products. Take gelatin for example; this by-product is used in almost all the candy you can find here in The Netherlands. The reason it is in there is that it is cheap and plentiful since we are consuming animal meat on a ludicrous scale in our society today.

Another issue I have is with milk; the only reason it is plentiful is that we’re keeping cows pregnant almost constantly. This is not only an enormous stress on the cow; it also leads to a lot of calves of which the males aren’t valued very much. These are bound to be kept in small cages in which they’ll never see the light of day. It is very hard to avoid milk product since as a vegetarian cheese is an excellent source of protein.

My foremost reason to turn vegetarian is to ease the suffering we’re bestowing on animals which have as much right to be happy as we are. I’m only doing my small part, I hope you’ll consider doing your part to. I’ll try updating this blog as much as I can, I’m not much of a writer, so bear with me.

Until next time, be kind and be safe. 🕊️

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